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ECOLAB3D is a secure, cloud-based IIoT Platform that streamlines data into actionable insights, to help you improve business performance.
We deliver IIoT technology, customized services and expert know-how.
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Advanced Algorithms and Analytics
Actionable Insights
Performance, Value, Risk Mitigation

How ECOLAB3D Works:
Get insight. Take action. Deliver value.

ECOLAB3D collects data from Ecolab’s IoT controller, monitoring systems, sensors and other systems to help enable enterprise visibility and deliver real-time actionable insights. Our field teams work with you to apply these insights, to help you enhance the value of your programs and assets. With better enterprise visibility, you can make data-driven decisions about water and asset performance, risk and compliance and more. ECOLAB3D IIoT platform provides:

Enterprise View

Visualize the overall performance to gain real-time visibility and identify performance opportunities at enterprise, site and asset levels.

Asset Tree

Consolidate critical data and contextualize asset inventory into a structured view of enterprise-wide performance analytics.

Predictive Analytics

Use advanced analytics, algorithms and artificial intelligence to help detect anomalies, boost optimization and predict maintenance.

Secure, Cloud-Based Platform

Get easy and secure access to the platform, data and applications from nearly any connected device.

Data Visualization

Provide trend charts and benchmark performance across sites and assets to enable quick problem solving.

ECOLAB3D Benefits

With digital services powered by ECOLAB3D, we help you deliver smarter performance across your industrial or commercial facilities.

Help identify opportunities to conserve water, save energy, improve asset use and increase asset life


Prioritize your value projects effectively with greater visibility


See into water performance, water use, critical operations and assets at your enterprise, site and asset levels


Identify what matters the most, leverage best practices and turn real-time insights into action


Identify and quickly address water safety issues at the most at-risk locations

IIoT Solutions Powered by ECOLAB3D

Our digital services are built on ECOLAB3D to help manage performance, mitigate risk, and capture value.
Water Quality

Water Quality provides greater visibility into your water treatment performance and water data analytics. Help you optimize asset performance, save water and energy, and lower operating costs

Financial Impact

The Financial Impact is designed to elevate the visibility and management of your value projects. Gain greater visibility into the savings, pipeline and the most impactful projects at the local, regional and global levels.


OMNI is a comprehensive asset management program that provides insight into asset performance. Use historical and real-time data to help predict and prevent issues, keeping your operation running optimally.

Downstream Refining Images
Refined Knowledge™

Maximize performance and profitability in your refining and petrochemical operations with reliable smart data and access to your system from anywhere, anytime. Refined Knowledge, powered by ECOLAB3D™, drives performance in downstream operations, delivering insightful data in real time to reduce risks and optimize assets.

Downstream Refining Images

Nalco Water’s new CrudeFlex platform helps refineries safely achieve unprecedented crude flexibility. The CrudeFlex system of configurable, innovative technologies includes an accurate prediction model that enables refiners to quickly simulate and predict the stability of any crude blend. CrudeFlex expands crude flexibility, extend unit run and enable optimal operations.

3D TRASAR™ Technology for CIP

3D TRASAR Technology for CIP helps you protect product quality and optimize your operations by providing visibility to key CIP (clean in place) information.  It quickly answers the questions “did I wash?” and “did I wash correctly?”.

Our Offering Packages

ECOLAB3D Core Package
  • Water Quality
  • Financial Impact
  • System Assurance Center Premium
ECOLAB3D Premium a La Carte
  • Water Safety Intelligence
  • Water Flow Intelligence
  • OMNI Analytics

Real-World Value

With ECOLAB3D, we combine data-driven insights with expert know-how to help uncover problems before they occur. So, we can execute better solutions and deliver smarter performance our competitors can’t match.

Help enable water savings and water quality optimization


Help enable energy savings through improved efficiency

Health and Safety

Help ensure safety of people


Enable improved asset use and increased asset life


Help reduce the total cost of operations

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