Gloved hand cleaning a data center with an Ecolab towel.

Cleaning and Disinfection Programs for Data Centers

Clean and healthy data center environments support maximum uptime, increase confidence for data center operators and instill peace of mind for staff and customers. Nalco Water offers a comprehensive program to help data centers keep critical work areas clean and safe.

Not Your Typical Facility Cleaning Program

Data centers are essential businesses in this constantly connected, data-hungry world. As mission-critical facilities, data centers require a program that combines EPA-approved cleaning and disinfection products with guidance that’s consistent, verifiable and customized for their unique needs.

Nalco Water provides a science-based, outcome-driven hygiene program specifically designed for data centers. Take your housekeeping programs to the next level:

Our program starts with an on-site risk assessment for each location. Our experts identify and analyze hygiene risk zones based on parameters including occupancy rate, turnover, exposed surfaces and more. Then, we provide tailored recommendations including zone-specific product picks, product usage estimates and procedure reviews for data center cleaning and disinfection.

Nalco Water offers hospital-grade products for cleaning and disinfection. Each year, we clean:

  • More than 40 billion hands, helping reduce 1.2 million infections
  • More than 15 million patient rooms
  • More than 3.5 billion surgical instruments

Our program features standardized procedures and protocols for cleaning and disinfection informed by the CDC, the FDA and local health department guidelines, including:

  • Zone-specific risk surfaces, guides and signage
  • Cleaning frequency
  • Product selection
  • Dispenser location and quantity
  • Zone-specific training needs for staff and vendors 

We provide a comprehensive hygiene audit that ensures:

  • Adherence to elevated cleaning protocols using our patented DAZO® environmental monitoring system and quantified assessment
  • Correct product and equipment usage based on your risk profile assessment and cleanliness goals
  • Completion of required training via readily accessible content and completion tracking
  • Ongoing verification of program efficacy via periodic site evaluation

We partner with you to deliver staff training:

  • Online: Certified, interactive training modules available on-demand
  • On-site: In-person training by Nalco Water experts on product use and best practices for a higher standard of clean
  • On task: Job aids, step-by-step procedure guides, modular videos and more

Your Data Center in Safe Hands

Ecolab Global Headquarters at night

A trusted partner at nearly three million customer locations, Ecolab is the global leader in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services that protect people and vital resources. 

Hands holding up two petri dishes

Our program leverages Ecolab’s unique combination of science-based solutions and insights from 1,200 scientists, engineers and technical specialists, verified by highly trained auditors focused on public health and hygiene.

Women inside Data Center Facility

Our holistic approach combines assessment, product selection, training and validation for data center cleaning – from the lobby to the data hall and everywhere in between.

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