Elaine Black, PhD

Dr. Elaine Black is director of Food Safety and Public Health for Ecolab. Dr. Black is a microbiologist and currently leads food safety and public health program and policy initiatives.  

Previously, Dr. Black was director of Agency Relations for Ecolab’s Regulatory Affairs function, where she worked with the U.S. EPA’s Antimicrobial Division and leading Antimicrobial Trade Associations. In 2020, she worked with the Center for Biocides Chemistry to develop a list of COVID-19 disinfectant products that would later become the basis for EPA’s List N. 

Dr. Black joined Ecolab in 2010 as a principal microbiologist for the company’s Global Analytical and Microbiology team, where she supported innovation projects and later managed the Microbiology Technical Services team, providing critical cross divisional support to field teams and customers in the areas of food safety and microbiology. 
Prior to joining Ecolab, Dr. Black held postdoctoral research and adjunct teaching positions at the University of Delaware and the University of Minnesota, focusing on novel food processing technologies and fresh produce, dairy and protein food safety. She has a BSc in Food Science and a PhD in Food Microbiology from University College Cork, in Ireland. 


Elaine Black, PhD
Lead Microbiologist for Global Analytical and Microbiological Services

Elaine Black is a Lead Microbiologist for Global Analytical and Microbiological Services at Ecolab. She manages the Microbiology Technical Services team, providing microbiological support and expertise to customers in the Food and Beverage, Food Service, Hospitality and Healthcare industries. She works closely with Ecolab Field Specialists to deliver comprehensive solutions for everyday food safety issues.

Previously, Dr. Black worked as a Principal Microbiologist for Ecolab focusing on the development of antimicrobial treatments for food tissue and hard surfaces. Before joining Ecolab, she worked at the University of Delaware, Department of Food and Animal Sciences (2006-2008) as a postdoctoral researcher and adjunct professor and held a postdoctoral research position at the University of Minnesota, Department of Food Science (2008-2010).

Dr. Black is a member of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) and the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

Dr. Black graduated from University College Cork, Ireland with a bachelor’s degree in Food Science in 2001 and a PhD in Food Microbiology in 2006. As part of her studies, she spent time as a visiting researcher in the Queen’s University, Belfast, NI and the University of Delaware.